Help is available throughout the system

IQuery has in-system help for using the Data Search Page:

  • Instructions are embedded within each "Tab" of the Data Search page (the horizontal bars on the main page for selecting different kinds of variables for your data).
  • "Hover-text" definitions and descriptions are available by clicking on the question symbols or when you move your mouse symbol (usually an arrow or a little hand) over a word or phrase.
  • Before you begin using IQuery, you may wish to read the "Step-by-Step Guide to IQuery (4MB pdf)", which explains the part of the system in great detail, and then walks you through three examples of searching and viewing data.

Training and Demonstrations

You are invited to watch an archived copy of the introduction to IQuery (video and audio), originally presented on February 23, 2011. You may be asked to save a file, and then the video should begin. The presentation slides are also available.

IQuery offers other resources within the system:

  • There is a Feedback link under the Home tab. Your problem reports or comments and suggestions are vital for the maintenance and improvement of the system. Please submit your feedback for any problem you encounter, and let us know if you'd like a personal response.
  • Each Health Indicator is fully explained on its Health Indicator "Details" page. View the full list of Health Indicators, or click on the blue question mark symbol next to each Health Indicator.
  • You also can browse the list of Frequently Asked Questions and submit a new question yourself.
  • We are constantly updating the Glossary of Terms used in the system.