IPLAN Submission Checklist


Below are the IPLAN submission checklist for LHDs:

  • One - Hard copy of IPLAN mailed to:
    • Illinois Department of Public Health
    • Attn: Tom Szpyrka, IPLAN Administrator
    • Division of Health Policy
    • 525 W Jefferson-FL-2
    • Springfield, IL 62761 
  • One - Electronic version of IPLAN emailed to

    a. tom.Szpyrka@illinois.gov and Denise.Scott@illinois.gov 

  • We require a board of health approval letter of the IPLAN (signed by your BOH president or representative) and a letter stating that the BOH has seen the Organizational Self-Assessment Plan. Both of these documents can be combined in one letter.
  • Please keep your Organizational Self-Assessment Plan for your records, we do not require a copy.
  • The IPLAN needs to include page numbers in a single sequence
  • We will email you upon receipt of the electronic and hard copy of your IPLAN